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                            20 things to do after returning to WHU
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                            The day before leaving Wuhan University

                            None of us expected it would be more than a temporary separation.

                            Now that four months have ticked away while we stay at home

                            When flipping through pictures of the campus

                            All at once our eyes brim with tears.

                            It turns out that in Wuhan University

                            There are still so many things we long to do:


                            Photo by Yang Ziqing

                            Why not visit the archway gate again

                            After so many days away from campus?

                            Take a photo to record the first day of your return

                            At the exact point where you stood

                            The day when you first arrived.


                            Photo by Tian Chunyu

                            Why not sit on the trestle bridge

                            To enjoy the scenery of the East Lake?

                            Still remember the one who listened by your side

                            When you talked about your ambitions

                            Above the placid water reflecting the sky?


                            Photo by Xu Chendi

                            Why not get up early to watch the national flag raising

                            In front of the Administrative Building?

                            A walk in the dawn with birds twittering

                            In the early morning of Luojia Mountain

                            Will definitely make a sweet memory.


                            Photo by Peng Min

                            Why not go to the Wanlin Art Museum for an exhibition?

                            Appreciate every piece of art there

                            Taking a photo with the Old Library

                            From the museum rooftop.


                            Photo by Tang Hao

                            Why not go to all the cafeterias

                            That you haven’t yet dined in?

                            Watch the steam rising in front of the window

                            Savor “the taste of alma mater

                            And enjoy your meal in the wonderful atmosphere.


                            Photo by Tian Chunyu

                            Why not have a ball game with friends

                            On a sunny afternoon in the stadium?

                            In a delightful way you’ll sweat

                            And feel the breeze from the East Lake.


                            Photo by Wei Jingran

                            Why not watch a movie

                            On the Plum Playground on Friday evening?

                            From dusk to late in the night with stars shining

                            What is memorable will be not only the movie

                            But the people who keep you company.


                            Photo by Xu Chendi

                            Why not go to the library again

                            Borrow the book you favor

                            Or study by yourself in a quiet corner?

                            As the library reaches its closing time with music

                            You’ll recall the encouragement you gave yourself

                            When you prepared so hard for the final exams last semester.


                            Photo by Duan Yuxuan

                            Why not carefully sort out all your books in the dormitory

                            And read once more the masterpieces you enjoyed most?

                            Do you still remember the sage who played the role of a mentor

                            And the story that made you wonder?


                            Photo by Yang Ziqing

                            Why not take the school bus again

                            This time without anxiety and rush?

                            Look out of the window

                            Glance at the scenery along the way

                            And slowly recall things you did in those places

                            With people who meant a lot to you.


                            Photo by Bai Qian

                            Why not visit the History Museum of Wuhan University

                            On the day when it opens?

                            Learn the history of the school again

                            Listen to the Luojia Forum carefully

                            And meet a Nobel Prize winner.

                            Don’t forget to climb to the highest point of the Old Library

                            Where you catch the best view of the campus.


                            Photo by Wang Xinying

                            Why not manage to go up the “desperately steep path”

                            While looking at the scenery along the way?

                            Maybe you will miss the complaints while climbing;

                            Maybe you will recall the morning when you have an early class.


                            Photo by Yang Ziqing

                            Why not count the steps of the Old Dormitory

                            And watch the sculptured beasts on the eaves?

                            Looking up, you will see the towering Luojia Mountain in the distance;

                            Looking down, you will smell the cherry blossoms.


                            Photo by Peng Min

                            Why not lie down on the lawn before the No. 5 Teaching Building

                            To enjoy the sunshine and breeze

                            On an afternoon when you feel like doing nothing?

                            Feel the warm sunlight and the soft grassland

                            And the tranquility of Luojia is all yours.


                            Photo by Peng Min

                            Why not go for a walk around Luojia Mountain?

                            Watch the sunshine coming through the leaves

                            As it sprinkles light spots on the street.

                            Breathe fresh air as much as you would like

                            In the “Natural Oxygen Bar”.

                            Admire “the complex of eighteen buildings”

                            And see if they are all different by taking a close look.

                            Maybe you are lucky enough to come across

                            an adorable fox named Luoluo.


                            Photo by Zhong Zhuo

                            Why not stroll through Guangba Road

                            With delicious snacks that give off all that inviting smell?

                            Cherish the street bustling with noise and excitement

                            As there must be so many WHUers who loved it.


                            Photo by Tian Chunyu

                            Why not play board games with good friends on the playground

                            With snacks at hand and stars at night?

                            If you are lucky enough

                            You can even hear the melodious harmonica playing.


                            Photo by Xu Chendi

                            Why not stop before the “White House” on the way to class?

                            Take a photo of the beautiful decorations

                            Listen to the wind blowing past the pillars

                            And ponder the commitment of medicos.


                            Photo by Shen Xiaoqing

                            Why not watch the beautiful clouds in the dusk

                            From the rooftop of the dormitory?

                            Chit-chat with your roommates

                            Or play the guitar

                            To accompany the melody of the evening breeze.


                            Photo by F.G.L

                            Why not bring your beloved one

                            To the top of the Cherry Castle?

                            Watch the sunset from Luojia

                            Until the moon sheds its light.

                            There are three things I adore

                            The sun, the moon and Thee.

                            There are still places yet to explore;

                            There are still stories yet to happen.

                            We miss you so, Wuhan University.

                            When you get back to the beautiful Luojia,

                            Take your time to finish the to-do list.

                            Rewritten by Zhou Siyan

                            Edited by Li Yushan, ZhengYayun, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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